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Make the Planet Great Again

Friday, 15 December 2017

Arnold Schwarzenegger was at the One Planet Summit in Paris to celebrate the two-year anniversary of the Paris Agreement. Aside from his notorious selfie with French President, Emmanuel Macron, Schwarzenegger had an important message about the power of cities and regions to deliver on the Paris Agreement. “Do not worry about the United States dropping out of the Paris Agreement, because our states and cities is where the real action is and they are picking up the slack. In reality, the USA did not drop out of the Paris Agreement, Donald Trump dropped Donald Trump out of the Paris Agreement”.

Emphasizing a report from the World Health Organization, which revealed that 9 million people die each year because of pollution, Arnold Schwarzenegger pointed out the lack of discussion on this topic and the importance to include it in the Climate Change discourse. “We should really start talking about the number of people dying everyday because of pollution, because this is a key issue when communicating about Climate Change” he said.

Earlier in the day, Arnold Schwarzenegger addressed the youth and encouraged the 200 hundred students in the room to keep striving for a clean energy future. His key message: “Don’t take no for an answer.”

“In my life, every single time someone said no I heard yes, every time someone said it is impossible, I heard it is possible and every time someone said this is a stupid idea, I heard it is a brilliant idea. If you want to move forward, ignore the ney sayers and don’t take no for an answer.”

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