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Creating Bankable climates

The consequences of climate change are catastrophic: heat waves, flooding, crop failures, drought that exacerbate pre-existing inequalities and threaten our global community.

Given the stakes, capital flows should be able to focus on sustainable matters, but the current capital market requires a pragmatic approach for the short term. That’s why at Catalytic Finance Foundation, we are working on catalytic financing solutions to enable more investment in sustainable infrastructure.  


Traditional financing models are often ill-equipped to address these challenges as positive and negative externalities are not yet fully taken into consideration. They also lack the know-how to analyze and de-risk investments that can help us achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Catalytic Finance Foundation makes it easier to find the right products, with the right tools, and the right organizations to direct funding towards sustainable infrastructure.

Our model for catalytic finance solutions

We take an integrated value-chain approach to ensure that bankable infrastructure projects in the field of sustainable energy, waste and sanitation, and regenerative agriculture emerge at scale.


With investors and donors, our solutions can cover part or all of project development from identification to due diligence, and from operation to reporting.

How Catalytic Finance Foundation makes a difference

We have the capacity and know-how to identify and develop robust project pipelines and to deploy technical assistance to support the most promising projects to become more feasible and impactful.


We are committed to creating measurable and meaningful impact. Catalytic finance seeks to create positive social and environmental outcomes in addition to financial returns. This requires credible measurement and evaluation of impacts, as well as ongoing monitoring and reporting. 


We create our project pipelines and blended-finance funds with that objective in mind and work with trusted partners in measuring, verification and reporting standards to maintain the trust of our partners and achieve our mission.

Sustainable Infrastructure Advisor

We support the development of the impactful projects in the form of technical assistance.

Blended Finance Incubator

We incubate catalytic financing mechanisms, such as blended-finance investment funds, combining concessional and commercial capital to finance projects that have been deemed too risky for commercial investors.

Catalytic Cities

Funded by Bloomberg Philantropies we develop new blended-finance investment vehicles to mobilize finance to achieve broad-scale, transformative implementation of urban climate solutions to meet the 1.5°C goal.

We are deeply committed to using our technical and financial expertise for achieving positive social and environmental change. 

David Albertani

CEO Catalytic Finance Foundation

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