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Finance solutions for local impact

Catalytic Finance Foundation is dedicated to developing solutions to enable sustainable infrastructure investments. 


A significant gap remains today between the need for developing sustainable infrastructure and the risks investors are willing to take. We believe in creating a better ecosystem of project financing where the public and private sectors come together as the catalysts of change. 

Our mission

Our mission is to accelerate the design and deployment of catalytic finance solutions for sustainable infrastructure.

Our vision

To create long-term change in the immediate future.


The interests of the capital market should be aligned with sustainable growth and the reality of the climate emergency.

Our values 

We value longstanding relationships. Since our inception, we have worked to build trust with  public and private financiers, local authorities, and technical partners.


We’re here to understand our partners’ needs and endeavour to offer solutions that meet them.


We seek to leverage each other’s strengths and insights and come to a conclusion together. 


As a catalyst, we exist to support our partners to grow and thrive. 


Our history

R20 was initially created to work with subnational governments for the design and implementation of low-carbon energy projects. During our early work, it became clear that we urgently needed new financing mechanisms to be able to realize sustainable infrastructure projects in developing countries at scale and speed. Gradually, R20 shifted its focus to enabling sustainable infrastructure through the design of blended-finance investment funds and other catalytic finance solutions. In 2023, this new vision and mission led to the rebranding as the Catalytic Finance Foundation.

Catalytic Finance Foundation began its journey as R20-Regions of Climate Action, an international non-profit organization founded by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2009, in partnership with the United Nations, financing institutions and the private sector.

Our purpose

To increase the synergy between the private sector and the public sector, so that “investable” and “sustainable” mean one and the same when it comes to infrastructure. 

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