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Catalytic’s former CEO receives the Legion of Honour on Bastille Day

16 July 2024

Request for Proposal- Ebus in LatAm derisking study

18 March 2024

Catalytic, in collaboration with C40 and GCOM, is exploring the feasibility of a Latin America E-bus Guarantee Fund which aims to accelerate the deployment of e-buses across the region. The final structure of the blended finance mechanism is a guarantee fund (covering credit and FX risks), complemented by a technical assistance facility.

RFP for legal services

7 March 2024

Catalytic Finance Foundation is seeking proposals from legal firms/lawyers for providing legal advice

Catalytic becomes a member of Sustainable Finance Geneva

9 February 2024

Catalytic Finance Foundation has officially become a member Sustainable Finance Geneva (SFG)!

Newsletter: December 2023

4 December 2023

Towards a New Paradigm for Financing Sustainable Waste Management Infrastructure in Developing Countries

22 November 2023

Jiao Tang, Catalytic's COO, is a waste management finance expert. In our first “Humble Op-Ed”, she proposes a new way to finance waste management infrastructure in developing countries; using concessional capital to cover OPEX instead of CAPEX.

NGOs are invaluable partners in the world of Blended Finance

26 September 2023

NGOs are using their expertise to devise innovative approaches that leverage both public and private sector resources.

R20 Foundation becomes Catalytic Finance Foundation

22 June 2023

As of the 22nd of June, we will be known as the Catalytic Finance Foundation.

Newsletter December 2022

15 December 2022

New billion euro finance initiative launched in Marseille

6 December 2022

Marseille, December 6, 2022. The founding charter of the PAMEX Local Invest Finance Facility (PLIFF) has been signed today in Marseille, as part of the event “”the Mediterranean of the Future”. This ambitious green financing initiative, first announced by President Renaud Muselier at COP27, follows the announcement of the Exemplary Mediterranean Plan 2030 (PAMEX)1 by President Macron at the World Congress of the International Union for Conservation of Nature held in Marseille in September 2021.

Hiring: ESG & Impact Analyst

28 November 2022

R20, sponsor of the Subnational Climate Finance (SCF) initiative supported by the Green Climate Fund, is seeking an ESG and Impact Analyst for its activities within the SCF initiative and beyond.

R20 at COP27

13 October 2022

AS an NGO that has observer status to the UNFCCC, R20 will be present at COP27 in Sharm-El Sheik.

Newsletter June 2022

30 June 2022

France supports the R20 Foundation with a contribution of €100,000 to fight climate change in the mediterranean

8 June 2022

The “Action Plan for the Mediterranean, an exemplary sea in 2030” (PAMEx 2030), is an initiative of French President Emmanuel Macron.

R20 and ISWA, the International Solid Waste Association, renewed their MOU for a new era of cooperation in accelerating the building of sustainable waste management infrastructure

11 April 2022

R20, with its new flagship initiative: the Subnational Climate Fund (the SCF), a blended finance impact fund formed to pursue attractive risk-adjusted returns for private investors while generating measurable and certified climate, environmental and social impacts, has concluded with ISWA an updated MoU that aims to accelerate the building of sustainable waste management infrastructure, especially in countries where landfilling and dumping of waste is a common practice.

Webinars – Subnational Climate Fund (SCF) project submission platform presentation

29 March 2022

R20, on behalf of the SCF Technical Assistance (SCF TA) team, organized four regional webinars per SCF region to present the project submission platform as follows:

Find out more about R20 presentation at the Innovate4water event in geneva

14 March 2022

R20 Foundation organized a session on the theme of “Blended Finance for Infrastructure Investment” at the Innovate4water event, held in Geneva on the March 2, with the following presentations:

Presentation of the subnational climate fund (SCF) to ORU Fogar and its members

25 February 2022

On February 10, Christophe Nuttall, Senior Advisor of R20 and his team presented the Subnational Climate Fund to the President of ORU Fogar, Rachid el Abdi. This fund is dedicated exclusively to regional projects to face the challenges of climate change, with projects in the field of renewable energy, waste management, water sanitation or agriculture.

New public-private financial mechanisms cooperation for climate action

4 November 2021

During COP26, SCF representatives participated in panel discussion focused on mobilizing private sector capital for climate action. The event showcased the Subnational Climate Fund (SCF) which seeks to invest in low-carbon and climate resilient infrastructure in developing countries and the Global Fund for Coral Reefs (GFCR) which aims to invest in ocean-based mitigation and adaptation projects that benefit coral reef resilience.

IUCN Local Action Summit

7 October 2021

R20 took an active part in the IUCN Local Action Summit. The Summit was organised to showcase and galvanise the efforts of subnational governments and their partners to deliver positive conservation outcomes. It has made the case for investing in nature-based solutions as part of a green recovery.

Deal signed to develop Smart Green Villages in Rwanda

14 October 2019

On Thursday October 10th, 2019, Rwanda Green Fund  signed an agreement with the Global Alliance for Smart Cities and Smart Villages in Africa (GASCA) to develop Rwandan villages into “smart green villages” with an aim to build communities’ resilience to climate change.

Bridging the gap: making sustainable infrastructure projects bankable

15 August 2019

The issue of bankability is a common barrier to scaling-up investment for sustainable infrastructure. Capitals are globally available, but private investments remain limited because there are simply not enough identifiable, investment-ready and bankable projects [1].

Bringing small and medium sized hydropower projects to bankability in Africa

12 August 2019

Africa’s hydropower potential remains mostly untapped. Small and medium sized projects (few MW to a few dozen MW), in particular, are still underdeveloped even when they would contribute to much of the decentralised socio-economic development needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

R20AWS: Breakout session on blended finance

8 July 2019

The breakout session on blended finance was organized by R20, the University of Zurich and the USC Schwarzenegger Institute, in partnership with the Climate Infrastructure Partnership. It brought together a broad range of stakeholder groups to discuss ways to direct more capitals towards green projects.

R20 Brazil to collaborate on Smart City Project

4 June 2019

During a Smart City Workshop held on May 27th in Vienna Austria, Aspern Seestadt (Austria) and the City of Sao Carlos (Brazil), signed a partnership agreement for the development of a smart city project in Sao Carlos.

R20 meets GCF at KFW in Frankfurt, Germany

4 June 2019

On the initiative of R20 Germany Representative Dr. Andreas Mattner and the invitation of KFW Board Member Prof. Dr. Joachim Nagel, Representatives of the branches finance, energy and real estate met for an exchange of content on May 24 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Decarbonizing the Americas

28 May 2019

Deploying technical and financial support for sustainable infrastructure projects to local governments of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Make compost great again!

9 May 2019

In a world that runs off the idea of limitless growth, the realities of nature’s limits call for a reassessment of our global waste stream. The impending consequences of our ever-growing ecological overshoot – the deficit between biologically productive land and ecological footprint globally – is driving countries, municipalities, cities and companies to re-assess the value of waste from a zero-value by-product of commerce to a potential resource stream. And, in the realm of waste management, composting can be particularly valuable from an environmental, economic and social perspective.

One Planet Summit Nairobi: Africa pledge

20 March 2019

On March 14, 2019, in Nairobi (Kenya), the first regional edition of the One Planet Summit sought to build momentum ahead of the UN Secretary-General’s 2019 Climate Summit with new commitments, initiatives and coalitions, such as the Global Alliance for Smart Cities in Africa, to develop renewable energy and protect biodiversity in Africa.

Climate leaders share stories with purpose at Talanoa Dialogue

1 November 2018

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chair of the USC Schwarzenegger Institute and R20, partnered with the Prime Minister of Fiji and COP23 President Frank Bainimarama to convene a meeting that brought together key actors and thought leaders. The meeting focused on the impact of sub-national financial systems and explored how joint public/private financing can support low-carbon and climate resilient infrastructure in developing nations.

BlueOrchard Impact Summit

31 October 2018

The BlueOrchard Impact Summit, which took place in Pontresina (Switzerland) from October 3rd to 4th brought together over 120 thought leaders from around the world to discuss ways to close the SDG investment gap.

PlastiCircular : The New Age of Plastic

13 June 2018

R20 welcomed key stakeholders – Dow-DuPont, Danone, Nestle, PepsiCo, Veolia, Suez, WBCSD, IUCN, WWF, etc. – to kick off PlastiCircular, a new initiative that aims to create a resilient market for plastic collection and recycling through the implementation of Extended Producer Responsibility for post-consumer packaging in developing countries.

The R20 Austrian World Summit: Inspiring pioneers towards a sustainable future

25 May 2018

The R20 Austrian World Summit held in Vienna on May 15th, 2018 gathered high-ranking officials, decision-makers, businesses, investors and climate experts dedicated to showcase, promote and implement the Paris Climate Agreement and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Municipal Waste Project in Mali

23 April 2018

The Commune II, District of Bamako, Energic and R20 have teamed up to improve the management and valorization of the roughly 50'000 tons per year of solid waste received by the Commune II every day. In particular, R20 will support the development of the project through the financing of the feasibility study by the Waste Project Facilitator (WPF).

Feasibility studies underway

23 April 2018

Fully operational since Q4 of 2017, our Pre-Investment Facilities (PIFs) are currently performing various feasibility studies for Waste valorization, Renewable Energy and LED street lighting infrastructure projects in Africa.
Key components of the R20 Value Chain, Pre-Investment Facilities (PIFs) are innovative financial mechanism established in partnership with corporate partners to help project developers perform feasibility studies and ensure bankability of projects.

Accelerating the green economy through capacity building & training

15 March 2018

R20 and Mines Saint-Etienne, France’s oldest elite engineering school outside Paris, signed a convention agreement to create an International Academic Chair titled “Sustainable Infrastructure and Territories”.

Make the Planet Great Again

15 December 2017

Arnold Schwarzenegger was at the One Planet Summit in Paris to celebrate the two-year anniversary of the Paris Agreement. Aside from his notorious selfie with French President, Emmanuel Macron, Schwarzenegger had an important message about the power of cities and regions to deliver on the Paris Agreement. “Do not worry about the United States dropping out of the Paris Agreement, because our states and cities is where the real action is and they are picking up the slack. In reality, the USA did not drop out of the Paris Agreement, Donald Trump dropped Donald Trump out of the Paris Agreement”.

European Commission, Global Covenant of Mayors and R20 Announce Cooperation on Innovative Sustainable Investment at Sub-National Level in Developing Countries

13 December 2017

A joint venture involving the European Commission, the Global Covenant of Mayors (GCoM) and R20 was announced at the One Planet Summit in Paris on Tuesday.


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