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Accelerating sustainable development

Our Sustainable Infrastructure Advisor service covers the whole value chain from identification, development, and implementation of the project portfolios.

Deal sourcing across sectors

Catalytic Finance Foundation works with subnational governments, local private developers, city networks, financial institutions and non-profits to identify potential sustainable infrastructure projects – in the field of sustainable energy, waste and sanitation and regenerative agriculture – and seek to secure political and financial support for their development.

Measuring impact

Measuring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) plays an important role in attracting additional finance for sustainable infrastructure projects by adding another level of confidence – the credible measurement, methodology, and verification offered by trusted independent parties.


Based on a shared vision to accelerate progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the transition to a sustainable economy, we strive to develop robust MRV processes for the funds that we incubate.

Capacity building

Training and capacity building is an important aspect of project designing and structuring and can build strong connections with governments and stakeholders. Catalytic conducts workshops and training programs with local governments as well as with private and public sector partners.

Project preparation facilities

As traditional investors usually do not invest in projects where risks and returns are uncertain, the costs of pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for early-stage projects can stand in the way of bankable project development, especially in developing and emerging countries.


Alongside our trusted partners, we work to establish project preparation facilities. For instance, The Subnational Climate Fund (SCF) has a dedicated project preparation facility. These facilities help governments transition to a sustainable economy in a strategic manner, shifting from philanthropic or grant-based pilot initiatives to economically sustainable projects and ultimately to a mature market. These facilities help to address the financing of the preliminary studies needed by investors, opening a pipeline of investment-ready projects.

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