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Our team

Melchior de Muralt

Chairman of Catalytic Finance Foundation. Managing Partner at de Pury Pictet Turrettini & Co (Switzerland)

Terry Tamminen

President of 7th Generation Advisors (USA)

Dr. Barbara Buchner

Global Managing Director of Climate Policy Initiative (USA)

Frannie Leautier

Founder and Managing  partner of Ezembat Group (Africa)

Our board

Terry Tamminen


Kristina Haddad

Senior Program Director

Greg Cogut

Climate Finance Program Director 

USA team

Cristina Clopatofsky

Programme Coordinator - Catalytic Cities

Tyler Creese

Environmental, Social and Impact Specialist

Ekaterina Kudryavtseva

Operations Coordinator

Laura Meza

Project Pipeline Manager

Christophe Nuttall

Senior Advisor

Ole Ohlhoff

Cecilia Serin

Communication & Marketing Manager

Antonio Zanchiello


David Albertani

Chief Executive Officer

Jiao Tang

Chief Operating Officer

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