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Presentation of the subnational climate fund (SCF) to ORU Fogar and its members

Friday, 25 February 2022

On February 10, Christophe Nuttall, Senior Advisor of R20 and his team presented the Subnational Climate Fund to the President of ORU Fogar, Rachid el Abdi. This fund is dedicated exclusively to regional projects to face the challenges of climate change, with projects in the field of renewable energy, waste management, water sanitation or agriculture.

Given the interest of the topic, it was agreed to present the initiative to all the member regions of ORU Fogar located in countries likely to work with the Fund.
Thus, presentations of the SCF have already been made as webinars to the regions of Ivory Coast, Uruguay, Morocco, Burkina Faso, Kenya and will be made with those of Ecuador, Chili and Senegal.

To learn more about ORU FOGAR, the united regions organization:

To learn more about the Subnational Climate Fund (SCF):
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