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Since its inception, R20 has led several successful projects in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency and waste management. R20’s vision and overarching goal for 2017-2020 includes scaling up the identification, development and financing of green infrastructure projects.

In June 2016, R20 launched the very successful 100 Climate Solutions Project Campaign, which was supported by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. The campaign received more than 650 project applications, over 400 of which met R20’s initial screening criteria. In total, 81 countries are represented by the “100 Projects Campaign” portfolio, with a combined CAPEX of around 5 billion USD. The most successful projects identified under this campaign will be chosen for funding. More details of the campaign can be found on the following pages.

The year 2016 was also a crucial time for climate negotiations. At COP 22, in spite of international political uncertainty, a newfound convergence of interests was forged between civil society, sub-national authorities, corporate players, public and private investors, inter-governmental organizations, and national governments to achieve the common goals of low carbon and climate resilient infrastructure.

The following pages list the various R20 projects and programmes from around the world in 2016. Going forward, R20 will structure all its programmes and projects in line with its unique value chain, and work with all R20 members and partners to scale the identification, development and financing of green infrastructure projects. The R20 team looks forward to putting in place its full value chain in the coming years ahead, thereby fully aligning our mission with the results from and spirit of COP 22.

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2016 Annual Report

16 May 2019

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