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The initial objective of this Solar Bakery project was to help underprivileged rural communities in the Kisarawe district of Tanzania, by implementing a solar bakery. The project seeks to address various problems, such as gender inequality, unemployment, extreme poverty, and degradation of natural resources.

The project has been implemented in collaboration with local partners, mainly RUDI (Rural Urban Development Initiatives), a non-profit organization with several offices throughout Tanzania.

Together with other local partners, R20 and RUDI were able to import a commercial solar oven technology manufactured in the United States (the “Villager Sun Oven”) into Tanzania. Once the technology had arrived, RUDI and the local partners trained local women on how to bake bread with the oven. They also established the framework of a bakery business plan, set up the bakery operations in a dedicated building, and ensured that the bakery became a legitimate small business by procuring the necessary permits.

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Tanzania Solar Bakery project

13 May 2019

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