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Catalytic for 

your climate

Our mission is to accelerate the design and deployment of catalytic finance solutions for sustainable infrastructure.

As a neutral non-profit, we offer comprehensive advisory, technical assistance and blended-finance design, tailored for each  strategy.  


Through the development of catalytic finance solutions, we work to unlock capital and improve the feasibility of local projects for your climate.  

What is catalytic finance? 

We define catalytic finance as a type of financing that seeks to create positive social and environmental impacts in addition to generating financial returns.  


In that sense, the term “catalytic” refers to the ability of the initial financing to attract additional investments, leading to a multiplier effect that creates even greater positive impacts. It is understood that without catalytic financing, a project may not be funded at all or in a different and less impactful way.


At its core, catalytic finance is a response to the environmental and societal challenges facing society today. 

Our well-connected team

Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, our team benefits from the proximity of a unique concentration of international organizations, financial institutions, NGOs and the academia that we work with to further our mission.

Newsletter December 2022

15 December 2022

Hiring: Project Pipeline Manager

13 December 2022

New billion euro finance initiative launched in Marseille

6 December 2022

Hiring: Fundraising Manager

5 December 2022

Hiring: Programme Coordinator

5 December 2022

Hiring: ESG & Impact Analyst

28 November 2022

R20 at COP27

13 October 2022

Newsletter June 2022

30 June 2022

France supports the R20 Foundation with a contribution of €100,000 to fight climate change in the mediterranean

8 June 2022

R20 and ISWA, the International Solid Waste Association, renewed their MOU for a new era of cooperation in accelerating the building of sustainable waste management infrastructure

11 April 2022

Webinars – Subnational Climate Fund (SCF) project submission platform presentation

29 March 2022

Find out more about R20 presentation at the Innovate4water event in geneva

14 March 2022

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